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On the Road with Team OU

??????????That’s team Open University (not the other place!) And we’re off, in force, to the Classical Association Conference in Bristol.

This year, I have dared to convene a panel as well as present a paper and I am in some great company. James Robson (also OU), Steve Hunt (Faculty of Education, Cambridge) and Evelien Bracke (Swansea) will be with me contributing papers relating to the conference theme of ‘Sustainable Classics‘. The panel will work its way through from primary to tertiary education looking as some of the opportunities and challenges presented to Classics in the modern world.  If you’d like to see our abstracts, they start at the bottom of page 102 here. We are on at 9 a.m. on the Saturday in the Wills Building, Room 3.33 so, if old friends have been celebrating meeting up the night before, it may be a bit quiet. If you are going to be at the conference, do come and support us as we try to enliven the early-bird slot. Unfortunately our panel, and, in fact, my own paper (on communicative approaches to ancient language learning), coincide exactly with the paper of my supervisor, Eleanor Betts, who is going to be part of an intriguing sounding panel called ‘Smelling Rome‘ in the Old Council Chamber. I would like to have heard Eleanor’s paper and the odds against us clashing like this must have been very long, but it does at least mean I will be able to bribe my fellow panelists to tell Eleanor that I did really well, whatever happens 🙂

Three further Team OU members will also be putting in morning appearances. Paula James will be second speaker on Saturday’s 11:30 a.m. panel about Pygmalions in the Reynold Lecture Theatre. On Sunday, Emma-Jayne Graham will be talking about Roman votive objects in the third paper of the 11:30 a.m. panel on ‘The Experience of Ancient Polytheism‘. Then, at 11:30 a.m. on Monday morning, Ursula Rothe will be the second speaker of the panel on the Roman Empire in room 3.32. She will be talking about orientalisation in Rome’s Danube provinces. That’s quite a wide variety of topics that we are covering! I am looking forward to trying to stalk all of the team (except Eleanor) and to doing a report on how things went after the conference.

Finally, one of the bits I am most looking forward to is the conference dinner on Sunday night. I will be on table 4 with some long lost friends from Manchester as well as other Open University chums. If you are there, please do come and raise a glass with us, and if I am a little late on Monday morning, Ursula, please forgive me 🙂