Living Latin: Home at Last …

2017-04-10 16.07.59Unbelievably (well to me anyway), the odyssey has ended in a successful landing with my thesis safely lodged in the Open University online repository (ORO) where the waiting hordes of Classicists may download and digest it … I hope they will treat it kindly. It does feel a bit like letting a not-quite-ready-for-the-world child go, but its time has come and I need to look to the next adventure.

Me and my supervisors (from left to right) Dr Linda Murphy, Prof Regine Hampel, Dr Uschi Stickler, then me, and Dr Eleanor Betts

So, it is a thing accomplished, but I can’t leave this blog without sharing a picture of my endlessly patient and encouraging supervisors, celebrating my survival with me in traditional boozy fashion and looking suitably blurred. We have enjoyed ourselves all the way through! I am grateful to so many other people too for help and encouragement. Some are named in the acknowledgements or references, and some (hidden under pseudonyms) contribute evidence for my findings, but I am also grateful to the many who kept my wordcount down by their absence and who stay treasured in my heart.

It is really lovely to have stopped writing (phew! phew! phew!), but, like all the best adventures, this PhD ends on a cliff-hanger. Whatever will our intrepid heroine do next? All suggestions or offers of gainful employment gratefully received!

2 thoughts on “Living Latin: Home at Last …

  1. I don’t know if you can access the ORO Stats page – I think it’s always heartening to find out how actively people engage with ORO. Your thesis has so far been downloaded 552 times, including 38 downloads last month.

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