Living Latin at #CA16 – Panel Recordings

LL Team-1
Living Latin Team: Alma, Aislinn, Terence, Mair, Laura, Jason (our chair, Steve Hunt, took the picture)

I am drafting this post on the train home from Edinburgh and the Classical Association conference, and I am already missing the Living Latin team and looking back in wonder at how at how amazingly well it all went. We had lots of very positive feedback with participants saying they were ‘blown away’ by hearing Latin spoken and amazed at how quickly their ears became attuned to the language so they understood at least some of what was being said. The storified tweets for the panel are here. I’ve included a screenshot of one of my favourites too.HelenTweet

I wish I could have made a video of the whole thing but I have put together the sound with the slides and made them available on YouTube. I am also hoping that a video of the final session where Prof Tunberg demonstrates his Latin teaching techniques may become available soon … watch this space.

Living Latin – Friday 8th April 2016

Mair Lloyd ~ Living Latin in Theory

Laura Manning ~ Living Latin in Kentucky

Jason Harris, Aislinn McCabe, Alma O’Donnell ~ Living Latin in Cork

Terence Tunberg ~ Living Latin in Action

We are extremely grateful to the Classical Association and to the Edinburgh team for hosting this panel, and to the Open University Classical Studies Department, the Council of  University Classics Departments (CUCD), the Association for Latin Teaching (ArLT), the Roman Society, and Classics for All, for their sponsorship, without which the panel could not have taken place.


6 thoughts on “Living Latin at #CA16 – Panel Recordings

    1. Thanks Silvia, I hope to be able to link to a video of the fourth presentation in the future, but for now you can get a very good idea of what the presentation was like by clicking on the link ‘Living Latin in Action’.

      1. I am so glad that you are almost finished your PhD. Do you submit your dissertation in September? I am doing the A863 right now and I am enjoying it, even if the TMAs and the EMA are difficult. Some of the questions are quite complex and daunting. I got a Pass 3 in my TMA01 and a Pass 4 in my TMA02. I submitted my TMA03 over two weeks ago and I am nervous about getting it back, because I am afraid to fail. I just want to pass. I do ask for help and get a proofreader to read my work, but I still cannot get a Pass 1 or 2. I hope to pass module A863, so that I can continue with the A864 next year. My major goal is to achieve my MA in Classical Studies. I submit my dissertation on September 25 2017. I do work very hard and try my best. I hope that everything goes well for me.

  1. That was a very interesting presentation. I very much agree to the interaction and the scaffolding for any language Learning. If people would support/helping you to have the grammar correct would be even greater. People unfortunately do not support the learners in this and we carry on making the same errors on and on.

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