Living Latin at #CA16 Edinburgh

map2This year will see a very special panel at the Classical Association conference. The unique highlight is a teaching session delivered in Latin by Prof Terence Tunberg of the University of Kentucky, convener of the renowned Conventiculum Latinum Lexintoniense. For anyone with any interest in the Latin language this constitutes an amazing opportunity to hear Latin spoken fluently and to take part in the type of learning rarely experienced in the United Kingdom. For Latin teachers in schools and universities, this is a must‑see session!

………….9 a.m. Friday, 8th April 2016

Leading up to this, there will be two papers dealing with the benefits and challenges of implementing communicative approaches. First, Laura Manning, a student and teaching assistant at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, will talk about pedagogy in action there and its benefits for Latin learners. Then Jason Harris, Aislinn McCabe and Alma O’Donnell will describe how inspiration from Lexington has led to innovative approaches to enhancing engagement with Latin texts at the University of Cork.

salisbury green 2
…………..  .Salisbury Green Hotel

To tee the panel off and to bring together learning theory with teaching practices, Mair Lloyd of the Open University, will show how looking at communicative teaching and social interaction in Latin through the lense of sociocultural theory can cast light on the ways in which language learning takes place. This will provide a theoretical perspective from which to view the presentations that follow.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that the panel will be chaired by Steve Hunt, lecturer in Classics Education at the University of Cambridge and author of Starting to Teach Latin.

The panel will be held at 9am on Friday 8th April in the Salisbury Green Hotel, a very short walk from the Conference Centre. Don’t miss it!





One thought on “Living Latin at #CA16 Edinburgh

  1. This seems like an interesting conference in which the people speak in Latin. Too bad that I cannot attend, because I live all the way in Canada. I hope that you enjoy yourself at the Conference, Mair.

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