Classics Summer School Opportunities in the UK

I’m just making a quick digression from my PhD work (OK this is displacement activity!) to share some interesting study opportunities coming up this Summer. They will be specially useful for anyone thinking of taking a course in Classical Languages or indeed for anyone with an interest in Classics or Ancient History who would like a little more insight into the meaning of ancient texts. Bursaries are available for some of these courses (follow links for details).

Language Summer Schools

London Summer Schools in Classics 

KCL Ancient Greek & Latin Intensive Courses

JACT Greek and Latin Summer School in Durham

University of Cork Greek and Latin Summer Schools

Classical Association of Ireland Greek and Latin Summer School, Trinity College Dublin

Lampeter Classics Summer School in Greek and Latin

Swansea Summer School in Ancient Languages

St Albans Summer School in New Testament Greek and Latin

University of Reading Postgraduate Latin Summer School

UCL Summer School in Homer

Language Summer Schools for Particular Age Groups
(see links for details)

JACT Bryanston Greek Summer School

JACT Wells Latin Summer School

I will add further language Summer School options in the UK to this page as I find them, but if you know of any others, please do comment below with a link and I will add them to the list. You can also find some links to Summer Schools outside the UK and to courses which run throughout the year in the comments below.


21 thoughts on “Classics Summer School Opportunities in the UK

  1. Two more at least, Mair: the Lampeter Summer School at the end of June (last year’s absence seems to have been a blip) and the Birmingham Byzantine Greek school at the beginning of August.

    1. Thanks John, I have added Lampeter but the Byzantine Greek doesn’t really fit with my Classics focus imho. Please do post a link here though so others who are interested in this can find it.

    1. Thanks very much. These are great courses and I have attended several. I am focusing on Summer Schools here but hope people will find your link if they are interested in courses which run through the year.

    1. Didn’t you make a page of active Latin Summer Schools yourself? It would be great if you would post the link to that here in the comments. Thanks, Mair

  2. Hi Mair. May I strongly recommend to your readers: The Latin/Greek Institute, City University of New York.

    The LGI offers first rate annual summer-long immersion programs in Latin and Ancient Greek, and upper level immersion courses on each in rotation. 2015 will be upper level Greek.

    One can also apply for their various scholarships to offset the cost of tuition and living expenses, respectively.

    The link to their website is as follows:

    Many thanks for putting this list together.

    1. Thanks very much for posting this here Pamela. [edited later in view of clarification on nature of tuition – see comment by arthad below]. Although these are not ‘language immersion’ courses in the same sense as Lexington etc, it is great to know of alternative methods and opportunities.

      1. To be clear, the CUNY courses are not “immersion” in the way that the Kentucky conventicula are (or the Polis Institute courses, or Vivarium Novum, or the Paideia Institute). The CUNY courses are traditional intensive Greek and Latin courses taught in English via grammar-translation.

  3. Hi Mair – this is a very useful resource, thank you (much appreciation for your work evasion task!).

    May I also draw your attention to the ARLT Summer School?

    It is run by teachers and is mainly – but not exclusively – for other teachers, and therefore perhaps outside your remit (in which case please accept my apologies), but it provides a very useful programme of sessions and lectures that is great for anyone preparing to teach Classics subjects in September, including Classics PGCE students and others new to teaching – as well as those just keen to indulge their Classical interests. It is an opportunity to go through texts in the original language, to pick up tried and tested teaching resources and to benefit from the advice and support of experienced teachers.

    Generously supported by the Classical Association, a number of bursaries are available for first time attendees, PGCE students and others on application. More information and a booking form can be found here:

    Many thanks.


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