Latin @ Lexington – Latine Loquamur

Ignoscite mihi (forgive me) that I haven’t kept you up to date with the adventure.  The conventiculum is pretty full on so we are at breakfast at 8 and have activities till around 9:30 p.m. (the evening ones are optional but a great opportunity for conversational Latin if  you have the energy left). Also, I am having a lot of difficulty connecting my new little laptop to the internet – I think it is a poor wireless signal, but my iPad mini seems to cope better.  Anyway, I was up at 7:30am this morning to try to catch up a bit and am now trying to get this done before the Roman dinner (on Friday night) so I am writing this from a distance of a few days.

This day really was hard.  We had to get used to everything being explained to us in Latin, from who we would be with in lessons to where we would be to where to find the ‘restroom’ (the usual permanent signs are still signs up for American people but they haven’t been translated into UK English).  We were divided into ‘tirones’ (beginners) and ‘peritiores’ (those going on to more advanced speaking and reading).  I am firmly near the back of the ‘tirones’ queue.  I found the sessions with fellow beginners reasonably accessible, but the ones where we read texts with the peritiores were much more challenging.

One of the most difficult moments was giving a very brief introduction in front of the whole group.  This is what I came up with:

Mihi nomen est Mair Lloyd. Est nomen de Cambria et significat Maria, Latine. In Cambria orta sum. Per conventiculo mihi nomen erit Maria. Discipula sum in Universitate Aperta in Anglia. Exploro quomodo discere linguam latinam. Hoc est mihi primum conventiculum.

[My name is Mair Lloyd.  It is a name from Wales and it means Mary in Latin.  I come from Wales.  Through the conventiculum my name will be Maria.  I am a student at the Open University in England.  I am investigating how to learn the latin language.  This is my first conventiculum.]

That took a huge effort.  Hopefully it will get easier (and more accurate) as the week progresses.

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3 thoughts on “Latin @ Lexington – Latine Loquamur

  1. Sounds like great fun if challenging! I was beginning to get worried when you hadn’t posted. Imagining another mishap. The dinner will be an adventure too, I am thinking of Trimalchio’s feast! Have fun!

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