iLatin and eGreek Conference

Yesterday (01/02/2014) saw the first iLatin and eGreek conference in the Open University Regional Centre in Camden.  I say ‘first’ because I would really like there to be more, and there seemed to be enough enthusiasm from our speakers and attendees to make  a regular event possible.  In fact, we had ‘sold out’ a couple of weeks before the conference took place so perhaps we will need a bigger venue next time.

Here is the schedule and a bit of a description of our aims and sponsors.  As you can see, we encouraged ‘tweeting’ the conference with the hashtag #iLeG and we now have a detailed ‘story‘ (created with Storify) including speaker slides and eventually videos. I will be adding these as I get them processed and approved by each speaker.  We also had a presentation made over the internet using google hangouts.  I was really quite worried how that would go, but everything went very smoothly – our speaker, Bartolo Natoli was very well prepared and quickly established simultaneous connections – one for the slides and one for his webcam so that we could show both at once (slides in the main area and webcam below).  After the presentation we brought up the webcam so he could talk to the audience.

At the end of the conference, we adjourned to the Devonshire Arms, which is apparently a goth pub, but they seemed very happy to make Classicists welcome too 🙂

I had a wonderful day, but it was made really special by the number of friends who came and helped out and supported me.   You know who you are and a big thanks for being there.  Here are some photographs (one of the many things friends organised for me) so you can look out for familiar Classics faces.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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