2014 Tour Dates

So … my PhD life has somehow turned into a roadshow.  After a rather difficult finish to last year, where I managed to stagger through my probation assessment despite various medical traumas, I think (hope!) my mojo is returning.  Anyway, I have gathered enough chutzpah to start submitting abstracts to conferences and even to help organise one.

For anyone interested in catching a performance (and as a memory jogger for me!), here are my current commitments:

Three Minute Thesis Competition, 28/01/2014 – speaker on Open University team

iLatin and eGreek, Camden, 01/02/2014 – co-organiser and speaker

Classical Association Conference, Nottingham, 13-16/04/2014 – two papers

CALL 2014, Antwerp, 07-09/07/2014 – one solo paper on methodology


Now, I just need to gather enough self-discipline to prepare something to say at each of these!


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