What’s it All About?

I am having one of those crisis moments about my PhD topic.  What do I really want to achieve here?  But since I am starting in media res, as all the best authors do ;-), perhaps you better know what I thought I wanted to achieve to begin with. So here’s a diagram of my original rationale.  The problems I want to address emerge from two areas. First, I have seen several fellow students fall brationale orangey the wayside on initial language courses and, second, to be brutally honest with you (and myself), I am disappointed in my own reading fluency.  After quite a few years of studying Latin and Ancient Greek, I still can’t read ancient texts without good old Perseus by my side, never mind getting anywhere near the pleasure of reading meaning without having to translate at all.   This contrasts quite strongly with the relative ease with which I can skim some modern second language texts for meaning despite far fewer years of study. On the positive side, as you see from my blog list, I have had loads of fun developing or curating eLearning tools for a variety of Classics topics, including learning ancient languages, and that gives me hope that help (though sadly not a magic bullet!) might come from that direction. Finally, I think, that I am here doing this PhD mostly because I love being a student. (I have put ‘Love Learning’ in the diagram because it looks slightly less self-indulgent than ‘Love being a Student’). After some of the pointless political shenanigans of public sector IT Management (c.f. my last lifetime!), I feel as if I have gone to some unlikely and undeserved academic heaven.  So … I am going to make the most of my time here!

Meanwhile, back to my crisis, which has been prompted by trying to put together a poster for an Open University Council event and a poster competition … though, now I think about it, that little lot deserves a post all of its own … at least you now have some idea what I thought I was doing …


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